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Need help organizing your cloud?
Imagine that you didn’t have to worry about
your online content, where it is or how to find
your way in the cloud…

CloudKafé supports the growing daily needs of those of you who have already moved the center of their digital life to the cloud by enabling you to interact with all of your online content in one place. CloudKafé is a new user-friendly service provides you with a great tool to access all your favorite cloud services from anywhere. Access all of your online content and data on the cloud, easily Find stuff and Instantly Share anything with your friends.


Wondering how much longer will you be required to log-in separately to each of your favorite cloud services?

At CloudKafé we understand that accessing all your online content is becoming difficult, therefore we allow you to Access all of your data on the cloud in one place using simple but yet powerful set of management tools.


Spending too much time looking for a document or a file that you’ve stored some time ago?

CloudKafé is making order in the cloud and enabling you to easy Find your content either by category or by searching across your cloud, the results from the various services are aggregated inside CloudKafé making it easier to locate and choose what you were looking for.


Want to be able to instantly share parts of your Cloud with your friends?

Sharing is a daily need for most of us, sharing files, docs or images that are stored in your cloud is quite a challenging task. CloudKafé allows you to easily locate your content and instantly share anything from your cloud with your friends.